Here are two infrared scans were taken at night of two individual houses. Environmental conditions were identical for both with an outside temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Both photos were taken in the evening. The photo at right is of a two-story home conventionally built with wood and fiberglass insulation. The photo at left is a single-story home built with NETZERO SIPS 4″ R-24 wall system. The scale to the right of the scans represents temperature, with the red representing warmth and the blue representing cold. As you can clearly see, there is a stark difference between the two photos.

Thermocore of Missouri Wall Infared
NETZERO SIPS’ Wall Infrared Image

The photo at left shows the NETZERO SIPS’ wall without studs and fiberglass and without noticeable heat loss. The outside wall temperature is close to that of the outside air temperature. There is no readable thermal loss in the NETZERO SIPS’ wall.

Stick Built Wall Infared Image
Stick Built Wall Infrared Image

In the stick-built home, one can clearly see the 2×4 studs 16″ on center as represented by the colored lines and the fiberglass insulation as represented by the pink. This photo shows a tremendous amount of heat transfer/loss (and money loss) to the outside of the walls. This transfer can be seen in both the studs and the fiberglass, with the studs representing greater heat loss.

These two photos clearly show the true performance of NETZERO SIP vs. conventionally built homes. NETZERO SIPS’ Panel Systems is the single most energy efficient way to build your home. By the way, the owner of this home is not only warmer but he has more money in his pocket every month too!