What does it really cost to build a house? Most people think of that cost in terms of the low price, the cost of the materials, and the builder’s fee.

But the cost of building a house doesn’t end when you take occupancy. In some ways, it just begins. One obvious example is the cost of your mortgage. Typically, a mortgage will total two to three times the initial cost of your house by the time you pay it off.

Energy Costs

As the cost of lighting, heating and cooling a home continues to rise, it makes sense to look at energy costs over the long terms. Take two identical 2,200 square foot homes—one stick-built, the other built using NETZERO SIPS Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS) construction. Although the NETZERO SIPS home has a slightly higher initial cost—what amounts to a $10 increase in the monthly payment—its energy costs are between $80 to $120 per month less than those of its stick-built counterpart. Which house is really the better value?

NETZERO SIPS Homes and Tax Credits

Homeowners are eligible for Federal Tax Credits for building energy efficient homes that achieve 50% energy savings over the 2003 International Energy Conservation Code including 2004 supplements. According to the program, at least 1/5 of the energy savings must come from the building envelope’s improved level of insulation and air sealing. Building with NETZERO SIPS’ panels is the ideal option to meet the standard for tax credits. Additionally, homes built with NETZERO SIPS’ walls and roof panels do not require a blower door test to meet the improvement standard. Another reason why NETZERO SIP is the smart choice for your new home.

For more information on energy tax credits please visit the following web sites:

Lifestyle Costs

Your new home should be a dream in every way. It should allow you to enjoy the kind of life you want. That involves more than finishes and furnishes; it includes safety for your family and peace of mind that the home will serve your needs for many years to come. Homes built with NETZERO SIPS construction have superior fire resistance. Their materials are far more mold-resistant than traditional materials, so you’ll have fewer worries about health. They offer much greater sound insulation, so the unwanted noises of the outside world will stay outside. And, because they are so energy-efficient, you’ll be comfortable all year long. What kind of price would you put on those factors?

Environmental Costs

Whether you consider yourself to be an environmentalist or not, you know that environmental issues carry a high cost for today’s society. NETZERO SIPS construction is more environmentally friendly, using non-toxic insulation foam and wood from renewable new-growth forests. Our unique production method minimizes waste, both at the factory and on the job site, too. And again, better energy efficiency means you’ll conserve energy.

Better Return On Investment

If you think of your home as the largest single investment of your life, using NETZERO SIPS construction is an effective, proven way to ensure that you’ll receive a higher return on that investment.

NETZERO SIPS’ 4-1/2″ wall and 6-1/2″ roof panels performed on average 80% better than a typically built home. Lower blower door numbers mean less money spent on heating and cooling and more money in your pocket every month. Does this mean that you could suffocate in a NETZERO SIPS house? Of course not. Homes that are built with NETZERO SIPS walls and roof panels also install a fresh air source as part of their HVAC package. This system allows you to control the air changes in your home, providing for a healthy, energy efficient environment. Healthy, environmentally and energy-efficient homes are what building with NETZERO SIPS is all about.

* with outside air sealed off