NetZero SIP’s is an industry leader in project design and structural insulated panel quality. Our Union shop produces SIP’s that are fully customizable and made from expanded polyurethane foam, which allows our product to perform almost twice as efficiently as a polystyrene panel.

Our panels and the envelope they create produce significant savings in energy costs each month. However, the value in using NetZero SIP’s is more than just the panels themselves. Our design process is equally innovative and is the cornerstone of a highly efficient building process. Our expert designers can take virtually any building plans and create a precise 3D model that shows exactly how everything is laid out. It details the location of all electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and framing.

By having all of this information pre-configured, you eliminate job site guesswork and waste. This leads to more exact cost figuring and a reduction in labor hours. If you compare NetZero’s modern, computerized approach to the traditional model of building, the advantages are obvious. Instead of getting lumber estimates, you get an exact number. The opportunity for delays in building due to subcontractors having to work around the mistakes of others is greatly reduced due to the exact nature of these builds. This makes any job done using our system much more desirable and efficient for everyone involved. Eliminating guesswork saves time and money.

Building with NetZero SIP’s enables a builder to frame twice as fast as legacy construction. This is possible because the entire roof/wall system easily installs in sections, the openings and chases are pre-cut in the factory, and there is no need for sheathing or insulating on site. To make sure that each insulated panel performs as promised, we examine every one with an infrared camera before shipping. The final inspection stamp ensures the highest energy efficiency and the peace of mind that comes with a Union built product.

NetZero SIP’s is the right choice if you are a savvy and eco-conscious builder. Our panels are made with wood from renewable new-growth forests and a non- toxic foam. The energy savings they provide, the waste they reduce, and the time they save make our panes the most environmentally friendly construction
material available. We provide a building product so advanced that it not only speeds your build time but pays you back every day with substantial energy savings. No other construction product returns as much to you as NetZero SIP’s!