NETZERO SIPS (Structured Insulation Panel System) can accommodate even the most creative of architects. We will collaborate with you on your architectural drawings or CAD files for residential or commercial building projects and design a SIPS package that is perfect for each. Our team can turn around a quote within a week. You have taken your creativity to the next level, you should do the same with the materials you use to bring it to life.

Cost Concerns?

The return on your small upfront investment is massive and immediate because the owner will save 50-70% on their monthly energy bills. The streamlined building process and inclusion of time-saving features, like electrical boxes and conduit and window frames, all add to the overall value. The headaches of a conventional building are greatly reduced when using SIPS. This makes any job done using our system much more desirable and efficient for everyone involved. These values are not available for traditionally built structures.


If you are considering building with NetZero SIP’s, then you are someone who thinks about the bigger picture. Our panels are an Energy Star certified product made with wood from renewable new-growth forests and a non-toxic insulating foam. Combine our panels with a renewable heating source, LED lighting, and ECO flooring and your building will be an example for other designers to follow.