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Real Cost of Building


BLOWER DOOR TESTS What does it really cost to build a house? Most people think of that cost in terms of the low price, the cost of the materials, and the builder’s fee. But the cost of building a house doesn’t end when you take occupancy. In some ways, it just begins. One obvious

Blower Door Test


BLOWER DOOR TESTS Blower door tests are performed on homes to determine the air infiltration rate or air leakage/exchange rate. Just as important as R-Value is the amount of air that leaks in or out of your home. You can build an R-100 wall, but if there are cracks or tiny holes that allow

Compare to Stick Built Home


COMPARE TO STICK BUILT HOME NETZERO SIPS' structurally insulated panel system offers features you just can’t get from conventional stick built homes. Most importantly, unlike stick framing, NETZERO SIPS deliver what you pay for. According to Oak Ridge National Laboratories, conventional fiberglass insulation loses 30% of its stated R-value once you take it out

Infrared Comparison


INFRARED COMPARISONS Here are two infrared scans were taken at night of two individual houses. Environmental conditions were identical for both with an outside temperature of 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Both photos were taken in the evening. The photo at right is of a two-story home conventionally built with wood and fiberglass insulation. The photo