NETZERO has spent countless hours working with builders and architects to make
structural panels easier to design and build with. Our expert designers take virtually any building
plans and create a precise 3D model that shows exactly how everything is laid out. We are able to
provide proven and efficient building plans or convert any existing plans to a fully paneled design. This
is the cornerstone of a highly efficient building process and makes any job done using our system much
more desirable and efficient for everyone involved.

Building with NETZERO SIPS’ further reduces labor and cost. Due to the precise design
process, our double-splined, tongue-and-groove assembly allows a 2000 square-foot
building to go up in 2 days. Our panels include all window and door bucks. We also include
all electrical components from your prints, including 3/4″ conduit and electrical boxes. These
features alone will cut hours off of your electrical rough-in time.

Other STANDARD features include:

  • R-28 for walls
  • Corner nailers
  • Header and post pockets
  • CNC precision cutting
  • Sill and top plates
  • Roof panels include subfacia, ridge, and gable cuts

Environmentally Responsible

  • Waste-free from the factory to the job site
  • Superior R-Value per inch produces a “Green” building that consumes much less energy
  • Earn higher LEED scores by using an Energy Star certified product.

Building with Value

  • Significant value over “Legacy” built building as well as other panel types
  • The envelope created by using NetZero SIP’s results in energy bills 50-70% less than those of using traditional building methods
  • Computer-cut panels ensure a pain-free installation process
  • Panels carry a limited lifetime warranty!