Our panels, and the envelope they create, produce significant savings in energy costs each month. However, the value in using NetZero SIP’s is more than just the panels. Our design process is equally innovative and is the cornerstone of a highly efficient building process. Our expert designers take virtually any building plans and create a precise 3D model that shows exactly how everything is laid out. It details the location of all electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and framing. By having all of this information pre-configured, you eliminate job site guesswork and waste. This leads to more exact cost figuring and a reduction in labor hours. If you compare NetZero’s modern, computerized approach to the traditional model of building, the advantages are obvious. Instead of getting lumber estimates, you get an exact number.

The opportunity for delays in building due to subcontractors having to work around the mistakes of others is greatly reduced due to the exact nature of these builds. This makes any job done using our system much more desirable and efficient for everyone involved. Eliminating guesswork saves time and money.


Installing our precision designed and cut panels will cut framing labor in half. If you are located within our region, NetZero can perform the entire installation process with our expertly trained Union Carpenters. We can also provide all of the machinery necessary to quickly and safely construct your building. If you are out of our area, we can provide an onsite trainer to oversee your project and ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you are a savvy builder and plan to use NetZero SIP’s for your projects in the future, we can also provide your team with the necessary training to become expert installers themselves. Whatever your needs are, NetZero will work with you to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.