NETZERO Structured Insulated Panels, or SIPS, gives you, the homeowner, a great home constructed with green-friendly products. SIPs are made of foam and oriented strand board. Both of these take less energy and raw materials than other structural building systems.

Using Structured Insulated Panels could qualify your residence for energy efficiency grants. Superior energy efficiency means immediate savings through smaller utility bills. And, this savings could be 50% or more year after year for as long as you are the homeowner.

A home built with SIPs creates an airtight “envelope” that prevents air from gaining access to the interior of the home except in controlled amounts. So, temperature and humidity can be controlled more easily in a SIP home. This results in a home that is more comfortable and less prone to mold growth and dust mites. Your home will be healthy and just “downright comfortable”! And, that is just what every homeowner wants.

So, the home is built great and feels great. But, what about on the inside? For starters, the inside of the walls and corners are square from the start, so interior finishes look better because lines, angles, and curves are crisp and sharp. Because the SIPs are constructed as a “unit” there is minimal settling of the panels. Minimal settling means walls stay square and shelving stays level. And, SIPs give you a more secure surface for fastening shelving and artwork.

Cost Savings for the Homeowner

A SIP built home can be erected much faster than a traditional “stick built” house. The SIPs are per-fabricated based on the homeowner’s specifications. This results in less waste on the site and savings in labor costs.

In addition, rough-in wiring with prefabricated wire chases further increases these savings in labor costs. SIPs will accommodate standard window jambs thereby eliminating costly jam extensions. And, NETZERO SIPS is the only panel manufacturer to pre-install window and door 2x bucks.

In summary, NETZERO SIPS is a proven, successful system that stands up to time and testing and ensures long-term satisfaction. Building with SIPs is a faster and easier way to frame a home. Our professional construction crews will erect the complete walls for a 2,000-square-foot house in just two days.

Panel homes with NETZERO SIPS’ panels make costs more predictable and minimize the impact of temperature and precipitation. They start great and stay great, with fewer problems. You don’t have out-of-square walls, windows, or annoyances like nail pops. Our technology is right for today’s homeowner with energy efficiency, fire safety, mold resistance, better soundproofing, and a far less environmental impact.

NETZERO SIPS’ panels are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, so your builder can install it with confidence.