Timber frames, whether they are personal residences or commercial buildings, are a unique combination of beauty, efficiency, and comfort. To really enhance the structure, timber framers love using structured insulated panels. NETZERO SIPS’ structural insulated panels with their polyurethane foam core gives the highest R-value. The Class I rating is the most fire resistance, The built-in vapor barrier prohibits mold growth. And, SIPs are constructed with environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

Your customers get the beauty of timber framing with maximum energy savings and peace of mind about the durability and strength of their home. They get all this and money-saving features that keep the building’s cost competitive with traditional construction.

The benefits of using SIP’s for timber frames are the same as residential and commercial buildings. We offer a product with a superior value that creates monthly savings in energy bills.  Our 3D model designs eliminate guesswork and waste while our panels provide an eco-conscious alternative to legacy building. As a professional timber framer, you don’t take shortcuts on your design and framing. Why would you settle for less than maximum energy efficiency and the highest-quality enclosure?