NETZERO pre-installs electrical boxes and 3/4-inch conduit based on your architectural drawings. We design and build each panel with the highest level of quality and precision. There is no cutting or guessing at the job site, the electrician’s work is easier and less expensive.

NETZERO’s panels also include the sill plate, top plate, and other 2-by material; corner nailers; header and post pockets; and door and window openings framed with 2×4 wood bucks. The computer-cut edges on insulated wall panels enhance the quality of trim and window work while eliminating shrinkage, nail pops, and warping of studs.

Looking for an even higher R-value? Choose NETZERO SIPS’ 6 1/2-inch insulated wall panels with an R-value of 40. You still get the pre-installed electrical boxes and conduit, along with NETZERO SIPS’ meticulous quality control.


Top off your structure with NETZERO SIPS’ insulated roof panels. You’ll have them in place in a fraction of the time required for traditional framing, protecting all your hard work on the inside. With the polyurethane already built into the insulated roof panels, you can even skip the attic. Just one more way to cut costs and save time!

NETZERO SIPS’ 6 1/2-inch insulated roof panels come with sub facia, ridge, and gable cuts to make construction as easy as possible. There is no better way to maximize the energy efficiency of your building envelope and speed the return on your investment.